What you need to know about the coronavirus in Sweden

There have been no confirmed cases in Sweden at the time of publication.

There have already been a number of suspected cases, but all tests have so far come back negative. Two people being tested in Malmö, after reporting similar symptoms to the virus and respiratory problems, turned out not to have the coronavirus, southern Swedish health officials said on Monday afternoon.

Swedish health authorities believe the risk of catching the virus in Sweden is “very low”, but that the large extent of international travel means that individual cases of people contracting the virus can’t be ruled out.

That said, Sweden does not have any direct flights from Wuhan, and it is “highly unlikely” that testing travellers arriving in Sweden from China for the virus would have any effect, according to the Public Health Agency of Sweden (Folkhälsomyndigheten).

The Swedish Foreign Ministry is advising people not to travel to China’s Hubei province, unless absolutely necessary.

France on Friday became the first European country to confirm cases of the coronavirus.