Trump’s cancelled Denmark visit cost more than previously reported

But parliamentary documentation, in the form of a response by the Ministry of Justice to a question by Red Green Alliance MP Rosa Lund, shows that the bill was actually 5.7 million kroner (763,000 euros).

“This includes pay costs associated with the estimated number of working hours related to the visit, as well as other completed payments,” the written response notes.

The written answer also states that the National Police put 4,200 labour hours into preparation for the visit, while the Ministry of Defence used 2,275 hours. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs spent 2,411 hours.

The National Police also put resources into accommodation, which was not used, recalling personnel from time off and “extra operative equipment and material”.

The Prime Minister’s Office was unable to put a precise figure on its own working hours related to the cancelled visit, but wrote that “at least 13 stad were involved in preparations, using “significant amount” of labour.

“The Prime Minister’s office is yet to receive all invoices for costs related to preparation of the American presidential visit”, the PM’s office states.

Costs incurred by local authorities such as Regions and municipalities are not included in the information, which relates solely to state costs.