The price of gasoline in Finland has exceeded €2 per liter

The price of gasoline 95E10 and 98E for the first time in recent years has exceeded two euros per liter at some filling stations in Finland, according to statistics from a website that tracks prices at gas stations in the country
According to the resource at 14.30 finnish time the highest gasoline price 98E and 95E10 was registered at the gas station Teboil (owned by Russia Lukoil) in the town of Tohmajärvi – 2.089 euros per liter.
At the same time, the average price of gasoline 98E in Finland on Tuesday was 1.941 euros, gasoline 95E10 – 1.860 euros.
In addition to the cost of oil, the price of gasoline in Finland includes a large share of various taxes.
As the Finnish media forecast, gasoline prices will remain high in the country at least until 2023, threatening to cut into the considerable purchasing power of Finns in the near future.