Support for NATO membership grew in Finland

Finland’s membership in the North Atlantic Alliance is viewed positively by 28 percent, up 8 percent from a similar poll in 2019, according to a Kantar TNS poll commissioned by Finland’s largest newspaper Helsingin Sanomat.

“Twenty-eight percent of Finns want Finland to join NATO, while 42% oppose joining the military alliance,” the report said.

The number of those in favor of NATO membership has increased by eight percentage points since the end of 2019, when the publication conducted a similar poll.

“The 28 percent support level is the highest in the history of (the publication’s) polls,” the report specifies.

Also, for the first time ever, the share of opponents of NATO membership fell below 50%, and the number of undecideds was 30%.

“The increase in the share of undecideds is probably partly explained by the extremely active debate on NATO in Finland at the time of the poll,” the newspaper reported.

The poll was conducted by Kantar TNS from January 3 to 16 on behalf of Helsingin Sanomat. The surveyed population, aged 18 to 79, residing in mainland Finland. The maximum margin of error of the survey results is about 3.1 percentage points. The data were collected through telephone interviews. The total number of respondents was 1,003. Respondents were asked the following question: “Currently there are 30 member states in NATO and 27 in the EU. Of the EU countries, 21 are also members of NATO. Do you think Finland should join NATO or not?