Siberian tiger triplets from Helsinki’s Zoo will move to new homes

Siberian tiger triplets from Helsinki’s Korkeasaari Zoo will move to new homes this fall, according to a press release issued by the zoo on Friday.

The first cub will travel to Poland next week, and the others will be relocated elsewhere in the world when suitable mates and zoos are found for them.

The three Siberian tigers were born at the Korkeasaari Zoo in May 2016. According to the zoo, in nature tiger cubs become independent of their mothers between the ages of 18 and 24 months.

The Korkeasaari animals are already 28 months old, so it’s time for them to start their own lives, according to the press release.

The zoo said that the Korkeasaari facilities are designed to accommodate two adult animals and are not the best option for the three cubs in the long run.

The Siberian tiger is an endangered species with an estimated worldwide population of about 500. The biggest threat to the Siberian tiger is poaching and increased urbanisation of its habitats, YLE reported.