Russians retained leadership in 2021 on obtaining Finnish citizenship

Russians retained leadership in obtaining Finnish citizenship in 2021, according to statistics from the Finnish Migration Office.
“Decisions made on applications for citizenship from citizens of the Russian Federation – 1,258 (21.8% of all decisions made). Positive 1161. Negative 87”, – follows from the message.
A year earlier 1,561 Russians received a Finnish passport.
In obtaining initial residence permits in Finland, the Russians are in second place, 4181 applications have been filed in total, the Ukrainians are in first place – 4496 applications for residence permits in 2021.
As noted in a press release, the Finnish Migration Office, the country has received in 2021, a record number of applications for residence permits for work – 36206 (21160 a year earlier).
At the same time, the total number of applications for refugee status last year was exceptionally low, the migration office said.