Russians lead Finland in college and university applications

Russian citizens were the largest group of people wishing to study in Finland, Anu Tharen, a representative of the Finnish Migration Agency, told.
“Between January and August 2021, 4233 applicants from non-EU countries applied for a residence permit to study. Last year, the corresponding number was only 1,756. Most of the foreign students entering Finland came from Russia (899 people) and China (504), ”she said.
Last year was exceptional as the number of applicants was clearly lower than in previous years due to the situation with the coronavirus, Tharen noted.
Between January and August of this year, 3870 primary residence permits in Finland were issued to students.
In addition to having a place to study in Finland, in order to obtain a residence permit for study, the student must also have sufficient funds to live in Finland and insurance to cover medical expenses. Students from non-EU countries are not eligible for financial aid to study and Finnish higher education institutions charge tuition fees.
In January – August 2021, the average processing time for a primary residence permit for study was 12 days. This means that half of the applicants received their first Finnish residence permit within 12 days or less.
At the moment, the first residence permit for study is issued for one to two years, after which the student applies for an extension of the residence permit. Students who have completed their studies can stay in Finland to work and, for example, apply for an extension of their work permit, the Migration Office explained.