Russia’s Novatek Says Began Production of Gas Condensate in North Russkoye Cluster

Russia’s natural gas producer Novatek said on Monday that its subsidiary has started production of gas condensate at the North Russkoye cluster, in particular, in the North Russkoye and East Tazovskoye fields located in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Area.

“PAO NOVATEK (“NOVATEK” and/or the “Company”) announced that NOVATEK-Tarkosaleneftegas, a wholly owned subsidiary, commenced pilot production from gas condensate bearing layers of the North-Russkoye and East-Tazovskoye fields with cumulative total annual production capacity of 7.7 billion cubic meters [271.9 billion cubic feet] of natural gas and 1 million tons of gas condensate,” the company said in a press release.

According to Novatek Chairman Leonid Mikhelson, natural gas produced in the cluster is intended for the Russian domestic market, which has proved to be very stable compared to international ones in the recent months.

In late 2019, Novatek launched the first field in the cluster, North Russkoye, into pilot production with an annual production capacity of 5.7 billion cubic meters of natural gas and 700,000 tons of gas condensate. The block also includes the Dorogovskoye, East Tazovskoye and Kharbeyskoye fields, the launch of which was scheduled for 2020-2021.