Record number of Brits become Swedish citizens – but hundreds are still waiting

More than 2,400 Brits have become Swedish citizens this year. But almost as many are still waiting for a response to their application, with less than two months to go to the Brexit deadline.

In March, the Migration Agency granted citizenship to a record 1,275* Brits as it attempted to fast-track applications ahead of the UK’s original date for exiting the EU on March 29th this year. Numbers have since dropped to lower levels, with 100 applications from Brits granted in June and only 50 in August.

As of August 27th, the agency had a total of 2,023 open case files of Brits who had yet to receive an answer to their application for Swedish citizenship, according to figures obtained by The Local.

A spokesperson told The Local that the agency was still prioritizing applications by people affected by Brexit, with straightforward cases dealt with before those that need more documents submitted by the applicant or further investigation to determine whether or not an applicant is in fact eligible for Swedish citizenship.

“The Migration Agency has, since this spring, a general decision in place which states that matters related to a possible Brexit should be prioritized so that processing times can be kept in accordance with our service commitments,” Johanna Måhlén told The Local.

“However, we can’t single out a specific national group as prioritized, because that is not compatible with [administrative law]. If/when Brexit happens the authority can decide on a so-called special incident, and then we could prioritize British applicants in a special order.”