Radio France’s Moscow Office Head Stuck in Airport Appeals to Russian Foreign Ministry

Claude Bruillot, the head of the Moscow Bureau of Radio France, on Friday told that he was not allowed to leave a transit zone in the Moscow airport upon his arrival from Armenia and was seeking the assistance of the Russian Foreign Ministry in this regard.

Claude Bruillot’s interpreter, Mikhail Roshchin, told that the French journalist arrived in Moscow from Yerevan on Thursday and was not allowed to cross the Russian border. According to the interpreter, the customs officials explained the refusal to enter the country by a government decree that restricts entrance amid the pandemic and requested a work permit.

“I have been in a transit zone of the Sheremetyevo Airport since yesterday. I have appealed to the Russian Foreign Ministry upon the advice of my friends,” the journalist said.

Bruillot added that he had lived in Moscow with his wife and children for four years and had a work visa.

The journalist had traveled to the region of Nagorno-Karabakh to cover the military conflict.