Postcoid syndrome occurs in about one in two people who get sick – Finnish scientists

Post-coronavirus syndrome can occur in about one in two adults who have had coronavirus. That’s the conclusion reached by a group of experts appointed last year by the Finnish Ministry of Social Affairs and Health after a several-month study. Its results were published on Friday.

“Long covid occurs in about one in two adults who have been ill and in about one in fifty children. Its detection rate is higher in those who required hospitalization, but it can also occur after mild symptoms or an asymptomatic course of the disease,” the specialists said in their findings.

According to the description given by the WHO, post-onset syndrome can manifest itself three months after the disease and last for at least two months. The most common symptoms include fatigue, difficulty breathing, cognitive impairment and several others.

Finnish experts have also found that the mRNA-based vaccines now in use in the country reduce the risk of post-exposure syndrome in those who have recovered from the disease and reduce the intensity of their symptoms. The team of experts will continue working on the “long covid” study until the end of the year and will present new findings during this period.