Oslo to lift ban on pubs serving alcohol within a fortnight

The end is now in sight for one of the most onerous coronavirus restrictions endured by people living in Norway’s capital: the ban on serving alcohol in pubs.

The ban was brought in on March 21 after a slew of reports of crowded pubs convinced Oslo city authorities that locals were rendered less able to following social distancing guidelines after they had consumed several beers.  But according to Oslo mayor Raymond Johansen, the ban will now be lifted at the start of next month, meaning the pubs will be able to serve revellers during the May 17 National Day celebrations.  “We hope that we can allow it for places that serve food early in May,” he told NRKon Wednesday. “We should not have more restrictive measures in place than are strictly necessary.”  Bars that do not serve food were forced to close by an order from Norway’s central government on March 12, and they will remain closed until this order is reversed.  Many Oslo’s inhabitants have reportedly started travelled outside the city to enjoy a beer in the sun.