On the ship that arrived in Finland from St. Petersburg 11 people with Covid

The container ship Valencia Express, which arrived on April 30 at the port of Helsinki Vuosaari from St. Petersburg, found 11 infected with coronavirus, one in the hospital, the mayor’s office of the Finnish capital reports.
“A cargo ship Valencia Express arrived from St. Petersburg to the port of Vuosaari on April 30, 11 crew members are infected with the coronavirus,” the statement said.
It is clarified that one crew member fell ill with Covid while in St. Petersburg, after which all the rest were tested, which diagnosed infection in four more people.
There are 24 crew members on the ship, their nationality is not specified. The Finnish authorities were informed of the situation before the ship entered the port.
“At the first stage, we made sure that the patients are doing well. Then we quarantined the sick on the ship, in our own cabins. We did new coronavirus testing for all crew members on Sunday, May 2. In addition to the four previously identified infections, 7 new coronavirus infections have been identified. One of the crew members is in a hospital in Helsinki, ”says Sanna Isosomppi, chief physician of the Helsinki Epidemiological Service, quoted in the message.
The Valencia Express was launched in 1996 and is sailing under the Bermuda flag, according to Marinetraffic.