Hundreds of Danish homes broken into at Christmas

The Danish national police (Rigspolitiet) has released figures for break-ins at homes during the Christmas holidays.
Although the total number of homes broken into between December 20th-27th was down in comparison to 2017, hundreds still suffered burglaries or attempted burglaries while spending Christmas with family or friends.

Police figures showed that 744 break-ins were reported from December 20th up to and including December 27th, in comparison with 815 last year.

The figures stem from reports made to police by people returning home to find their doors broken down or homes intruded into in some other way.

Break-ins at apartments, houses and farms are all included in the totals.

The Christmas crimewave was spread relatively evenly across the country, according to the police statistics.

Police regions in eastern Jutland, northern Zealand and on Funen were most severely hit, the numbers show. Over 100 break-ins occurred in each of those areas.

In Copenhagen, 42 break-ins were reported to police during the Christmas holidays.