Greenpeace activists in Finland picket Fortum office demanding termination of contracts with Russia

Greenpeace activists hung a banner on the building of the headquarters of the Finnish energy giant Fortum and painted the helipad in front of the building with anti-war symbols to protest against the company’s contacts with Russia, Finnish Greenpeace reported on Wednesday.

Eight people are participating in the ongoing action, the report says.

“Fortum and its subsidiary Uniper still have significant operations in Russia, making them one of the largest European buyers of Russian gas. Uniper also planned to agree to Russian demands that gas purchases should be paid to Gazprombank’s account in euros, after which they would be converted into rubles. This directly contradicts EU sanctions against Russia,” Greenpeace said in a statement.

The activists are demanding that Fortum and its German-based subsidiary Uniper terminate Russian contracts.

“It’s outrageous that a Finnish state-owned company and its subsidiary are trying to ease trade sanctions and fund Russia’s devastating war in Ukraine. Fortum claims to be a responsible and green company, but funding the war for profit shows the company lacks integrity.” , – Greenpeace representative Olli Tiainen is quoted in the message.