Finnish authorities recommend shortening the Covid vaccination interval

Finland’s National Institute of Health and Social Development (THL) recommends shortening the interval between vaccinations against coronavirus due to the spread of the ‘omicron’ strain, the organisation said on Friday.
Previously, the interval between the second and third vaccination was six months.
“According to the recommendation, people over 60 years of age and at-risk groups can get a third dose of the vaccine three to four months after the second dose. Those under 60 years of age who are not at risk can get a third dose of the vaccine 4-6 months after the second dose,” the report said.
The new recommendation is made because of the development of the omicron strain.
“Omicron has spread very effectively and rapidly around the world. According to preliminary studies, two doses of the vaccine do not provide as good protection against mild forms of the disease as for previous variants of the coronavirus,” THL Chief Medical Officer Hannah Nohunek is quoted in the report.
The third dose of the vaccine should be administered quickly in line with the national vaccination strategy.
“Administering the third dose of coronavirus vaccine to people over 60 years of age and other at-risk groups should be a priority. Municipalities should also be guaranteed sufficient resources to rapidly administer third doses,” notes Mia Contio, lead expert at THL.
THL’s recommendation is based on the opinion of the National Vaccination Expert Group following its meeting on 16 December and is in line with the recommendations of the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) and the European Medicines Agency (EMA), the report notes.