Finland will extend border restrictions until 16 January and start requiring a PCR test

Finland will extend cross-border travel restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic until 16 January and will start requiring PCR tests made 48 hours before travel from 21 December, including from vaccinated people, according to the country’s Interior Ministry.
The government will take these decisions on Thursday.
“The existing restrictions at the external borders will be extended till January 16, 2022,” it said.
Passengers arriving from outside the EU and Schengen area who have undergone a full series of vaccinations, with preparations approved by WHO or the European Medical Regulator (Russian vaccines are not among them), will have to have a negative covid-19 test done 48 hours in advance from 21 December, the ministry specified.
On Wednesday, the daily maximum for the entire pandemic period in Finland with new cases of the coronavirus was set at 2225.
As of Wednesday, 82.9% of the population is fully vaccinated in the country, 87.4% have one dose, and 11.5% have three doses.