Finland to start exporting chicken eggs to South Korea

Finland and South Korea have agreed to immediately export chicken eggs and egg products, the Finnish Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry said on Wednesday.
“South Korea has allowed the export of eggs. Export from approved export establishments can start immediately. Finland and South Korea agreed on the terms of export and certification.
The project to access the South Korean market for chicken eggs and egg products started in 2017, and over the years, South Korea has received extensive research data on regulatory control in Finland, the situation of animal diseases and food safety. The South Korean authorities conducted an audit of the market access system in 2017 and an audit of export facilities in May 2022, the report said.
As reported by Business Finland, South Korea has been one of the top three fastest growing markets for Finnish food exports since 2019, growing by around 30% annually.
According to the national program Food from Finland for 2019, Finnish food and beverage exports grew by 12.8% to reach a new record level of 1.75 billion euros.