Finland helps Afghanistan build better sanitation

Unicef’s Water Supply, Sanitation and Hygiene programme (WASH) has improved the quality of drinking water, sanitation and hygiene for hundreds of thousands of people in Afghanistan. Between 2017 and 2018, Finland contributed EUR 2 million to the programme.

In 2018, Unicef’s WASH programme in Afghanistan had a budget of USD 20 million. The majority of the funding from Finland, USD 1.6 million, was allocated to improving sanitation. Approximately 15,000 students gained access to the water and sanitation improvements carried out in schools in 2018. Photo: Unicef Afghanistan 

Two-thirds of the budget was spent on development projects and the remaining third on humanitarian work. Last year, 1.9 million people received humanitarian aid through the WASH programme. The large share of the humanitarian aid was explained by the severe drought that affected Afghanistan last year. None of the Finnish funding was spent on humanitarian aid.