Finland decided not to pay for gas in rubles

Finland has made a political decision that it does not intend to pay for gas in rubles, the Helsingin Sanomat newspaper reported, citing the Minister of State Property and EU relations Tutti Tuppurainen.

“We made a decision in the government’s economic policy committee that Finland will not agree to ruble payments. The decision was made back in early April,” the newspaper quotes Tuppurainen as saying.

Russia’s Gazprom has a contract, in particular, with the Finnish state-owned company Gasum. In early April, Gasum received a letter from Gazprom, in which Russia announced the new terms of the contract, namely the ruble payment procedure.

Gasum’s CEO Mika Viljanen told the newspaper that the company is currently preparing a legal assessment of the letter from Russia and is considering the issue of response measures. The answer should be provided in May, the newspaper specifies.