Finland and Sweden to build cross-border hydrogen pipeline

Finnish and Swedish gas transportation companies Gasgrid Finland and Nordion Energi have announced the launch of construction of a pipeline between the countries to transport clean hydrogen, according to a press release from the organizations.
The pipeline is expected to be about 1,000 kilometers long and cost 3.5 billion euros, to be launched by 2030 from the Finnish city of Vaasa to the Swedish city of Kiruna across the Gulf of Bothnia.
“By establishing cross-border hydrogen infrastructure in the Gulf of Bothnia region and an open hydrogen market by 2030, the Nordic Hydrogen Route will accelerate the creation of a hydrogen economy and new investments to support the European energy transition and expand access to clean and competitive domestic energy,” the report said.
The regional demand for hydrogen is estimated to exceed 30 TWh by 2030 and reach about 65 TWh by 2050, with most of that hydrogen expected to be produced using wind in the Gulf of Bothnia. This production will build more than 25,000 MW of wind power capacity, the report specifies. The hydrogen route will connect hydrogen production to hydrogen demand sites
along the coast of the Gulf of Bothnia.
The Finnish press cites Swedish steel giant SSAB, which has a plan to produce zero-emission steel using pure hydrogen, as a potential buyer of hydrogen.