EU education ministers to focus on lifelong learning and artificial intelligence

The European Union’s education ministers will meet on 8 November in Brussels. Finland will be represented by Minister of Education Li Andersson. The meeting will focus on lifelong learning and the use of artificial intelligence in education and training.

In the Education, Youth, Culture and Sports Council (Education), the ministers are due to discuss the role of lifelong learning and to adopt conclusions on the matter. They seek to update the 2002 definition of lifelong learning for the new decade and to draw attention to the potential of lifelong learning, both in driving sustainable growth and in empowering societies to address the technological transformation and climate change.

The education ministers will also hold a policy debate on the possibilities of artificial intelligence in education and training. During its Presidency of the Council, Finland is promoting a debate on how human-centric, ethically sustainable artificial intelligence could be deployed in Europe and how the opportunities offered by artificial intelligence could be better utilised in education and training.

In addition, the Council will adopt a resolution on the development of the European Education Area. Under the resolution, the ministers agree to support future-oriented and strategic education and training policies in the European Union. New future-oriented approaches, such as using foresight and vision tools, will be taken up in EU-level cooperation.

During an informal lunch, the education ministers will discuss the quality and accessibility of early childhood education and care. Drawing on evidence-based data, the ministers will exchange views on how best to support equal access to early childhood education and care.

Before the EU education ministers’ meeting (in the morning on 8 November), Finland will arrange the first joint policy debate for EU finance and education ministers. The ministers will discuss how the economy can help achieve efficiency, effectiveness and high quality in education and training.