Emergency Declared at Oil Spill Site on Russia’s Taymyr Peninsula

The authorities of Russia’s Taymyr Peninsula declared an emergency situation as a result of an oil spill that occurred due to the depressurization of a temporary pipeline during oil pumping, the press service of the local authorities said on Wednesday.

The prosecutor’s office of the Krasnoyarsk Territory previously said that an inspection was launched after almost one tonne of crude oil got on the soil and into the Khatanga river.

“By the decision of the commission for the prevention and elimination of emergencies and ensuring fire safety of the municipal district, the spill of crude oil in the territory of the Khatanga village was recognized as an emergency. The fuel was spilled while it was being pumped from Lenaneft-2060 tanker to an oil products warehouse. Municipal emergency regime … has been introduced … To take urgent measures to eliminate the emergency spill, a local level of emergency response has been established, its zone is determined by the territory of the spill,” the statement said.

On Thursday, a special commission will arrive in Khatanga to assess the damage.