Electric scooter speed will be limited in Helsinki

Electric scooter rental companies in the Finnish capital will voluntarily limit speed throughout the city at night and in the city center during the day, as well as block access to popular restaurant areas, according to the Finnish Ministry of Transport and Communications.
On Wednesday, representatives of the scooter rental companies met with the Minister of Transport Timo Harakka, who noted that he received a huge amount of feedback from citizens who were frightened by electric scooters. According to a traffic safety study, pedestrians, the elderly and people with disabilities have experienced deterioration in their safety from the use of electric scooters by others, according to the Ministry of Transport.
“Dangerous situations arise when traffic rules are not followed. From a legal point of view, electric scooters are equated with bicycles that cannot be ridden on the sidewalk. In addition, the law obliges other road users to exercise caution. Drunk driving should be made more difficult, which, in turn, will reduce the number of road accidents, ”Harakka said.
Helsinki-based rental companies Voi, TIER and Lime voluntarily undertake to limit speed at night throughout the city and in the city center during the day, according to the Ministry of Transport.
“Some rental companies are also willing to completely block the use of electric scooters at night or restrict access to the most popular restaurant areas,” the report said.
The meeting participants will continue to discuss safety in the fall to further develop the rules for safe driving of scooters.
“We propose empowering the police to prevent drunk driving on a bicycle or electric scooter. In addition, many do not know that for causing harm to another person there will be criminal responsibility, ”the head of the Ministry of Transport emphasized.