Denmark just got tougher on drivers who use their phone behind the wheel

New rules came into effect in Denmark on Tuesday, tightening rules against the use of mobile phones and screens while driving.

Multitasking drivers can now be given a so-called ‘klip’ or penalty point on their driving licence if they are so much as caught driving with a telephone in their hand.

Under Danish traffic laws, three such ‘klips’ incurred within the space of three years results in the driver’s licence being revoked, and the driving theory and practical tests must be retaken before getting back behind the wheel.

For drivers with less than two years’ experience, the licence is lost after only two such penalties.

Fines totalling up to 2,500 kroner are also payable for every ‘klip’ given to a driver, according to the Danish Council for Safe Traffic (Rådet for Sikker Trafik).

Previously, the use of phones while driving was punishable only by fines.

The rule does not just apply to the use of phones: tablets, satellite navigation devices, computers, smartwatches and walkie-talkies are all encompassed.

On its very first morning, the new rule was used to penalize a driver on the island of Funen, local police tweeted.