Decision on Finland’s possible entry into NATO to be made in spring – Prime Minister

A decision on Finland’s possible entry into NATO should be made in the spring, Prime Minister Sanna Marin said, speaking on Saturday at a meeting of the Social Democratic Party, which she heads.
The discussion about Finland’s entry into NATO is gaining momentum as Russia continues its special military operation in Ukraine, and the number of Finns who want the country to join the alliance beats all records according to opinion polls.
“Because of Russia’s actions, the entire security environment in Europe has changed overnight. The war has returned to European reality. Russia is not the neighbor we thought. Relations between Finland and Russia have changed irreversibly after the war in Ukraine,” Marin said.
The Prime Minister noted that the choice must be responsible.
“In this new situation and the changed security environment, we must also evaluate all ways to ensure the security of Finland and the Finns. Now we must seriously consider our own position and attitude towards the military alliance. This should be done carefully, but quickly – in practice this spring,” the head of government said.
Marin noted that she discussed a possible application for Finland’s entry into NATO with the heads of several member states and NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg and all showed a willingness to accept the country into a military alliance.