China’s CCTV filming programs about the Finnish Tampere

A TV crew from China’s state television CCTV has begun filming a series of programs about the Finnish city of Tampere, which will be on air in China in October, the Business Tampere association said on Monday.
The total audience of CCTV in China is more than 1 billion people.
“Participation in the shootings is very important for us, as it draws attention to the fact that Tampere is a large industrial European city, showing that there are interesting tourist attractions in Finland,” says business development manager at the Business Tampere association Ilkka Rakkonen.
The film crew has already visited the Angry Birds park, the oldest sauna in the city, and other attractions.
“Tampere has very beautiful scenery, for example, the lakes surrounding the city, which I consider a fantastic place for filmmakers who want to see an authentic Finnish atmosphere,” says CCTV producer Irene Liu.
By the end of 2017, Chinese tourists have become the fastest growing group of tourists in Finland, the country’s statistical department reported on February 19. The total number of chinise people overnight stay in Finland in 2017 was 311 thousand, which is 34.3% more than in 2016.
Tampere, with a population of about 215 thousand people, the second most important city of Finland, after Helsinki. Among the main attractions: a museum of moomin-trolls (based on works by writer Tove Jansson), the Philharmonic Orchestra, the only permanent museum of russian Vladimir Lenin and others.