Billionaire Boris Rotenberg filed a lawsuit against Nordic lenders

The Finnish branches of the banking chains Nordea, Danske Bank and Svenska Handelsbanken confirmed news from the Bloomberg Law news service on Friday that said Russian oligarch Boris Rotenberg has filed a lawsuit against them.

The close confidant of Russian President Vladimir Putin has filed a suit at the Helsinki District Court directed at Nordea, Danske Bank, Handelsbanken and Finland’s OP Corporate Bank for violations of service agreements as a result of US sanctions imposed on him in 2014.

STT news agency efforts to reach OP for comment have been unsuccessful, but the three banks that confirmed the lawsuit were reluctant to say anything more about the case.

“We cannot comment on information about private customers,” Handelsbanken’s communications director Pirjetta Soikkeli told STT, saying that her bank first heard of the lawsuit on Friday.

“Danske Bank takes any efforts to prevent money laundering and the sanctions associated with these efforts very seriously. We have taken many significant steps to ensure that our activities comply with the regulations,” Danske Bank’s chief press officer Josi Tikkanen said.