All Reykjavik swimming pools to have a private shower cubicle

Tourists that are shy of the communal showers in Icelandic swimming pools can rejoice. The City of Reykjavik has announced that all Reykjavik swimmig pools will be equipped with a private shower cubicle. Such a cubicle is installed for disabled people or anyone who doesn’t feel comfortable being naked and washing around others.
This was reported by RÚV. Staff at swimming pools will now be handing out leaflets to tourists who don’t know the Icelandic pool rules which are to wash thoroughly, before putting your swimsuit on, including private parts and underarms before going into the pool.
Some pools have even had to stress to male guests to not use the communal hairdryer for drying their private parts.
With more than two million guests per year at Reykjavik swimming pools, increase hygiene measures are necessary.
Chlorine levels in Reykjavik pools are at a low level because hygiene levels are so great and city authorities aim to keep the pools that way.