5 protesters who blocked a train with russian coal were detained in Finland

Police in Finland dispersed a protest by Greenpeace and Extinction Rebellion organizations that had been blocking the movement of a train carrying Russian coal since April 12, law enforcement said.
“Police ordered about twenty protesters to disperse shortly before 8 a.m. Most complied with the order and left the scene in their own vehicles or by a bus arranged at the scene. Five protesters did not comply with the order… The protesters were detained in accordance with the law,” the police report said.
The port of Hanko is one of three Finnish ports through which Russian coal is exported to world markets.
Protesters demanded that the Finnish government immediately stop transiting Russian coal and refuse to use Russian fossil fuels before planned EU sanctions take effect.
Planned EU sanctions to ban Russian coal are not due to take effect until August.
It is specified that the operator of the port of Hanko is the Estonian state company Operail, which has already resumed the movement of a train with Russian coal to the port.