These Norwegian names could be given to a planet far, far away

The selection process was started after Norway was tasked with naming celestial bodies in a far-off solar system, NRK reports.

At 200 light years from earth, the system is so distant that only one sun and one planet have so far been identified.

But the International Astronomical Union, as part of its first centenary celebrations, has organized a campaign in which each country in the world gets to name its designated solar system.

The names in the final consideration reflect a mix between traditional Norse and Sami names, modern influences and hybrid words.

The aim of the campaign is to promote awareness of the vastness of the universe and consideration of how life on earth may one day be discovered by an alien civilization, Norway’s space education centre Andøya writes.

Each pair of names consists of the nomination for the sun first, followed by the planet.

They are as follows:

  • Glittertind – Snøhetta
  • Nasti – Albmi
  • Yggdrasil – Midgard
  • Beana – Navdi
  • Glomma – Mjøsa
  • Beaivi – Dearpmis
  • Askeladden – Troll
  • Gaupe – Bjørn
  • Bjørnstjerne – Bjørnson
  • Elg – Hjort

Over 800 different nominations were made, along the broad theme of ‘Norwegian nature’.

Some names have specific meanings: for example, Nasti and Albmi are Sami words for star and sky respectively, while Beana and Navdi mean ‘dog’ and ‘wolf’.

Yggdrasil and Midgard are references to old Norse mythology, while Bjørnstjerne and Bjørnson literally translate to ‘star of Bjørn’ and ‘son of Bjørn’.

Voting for the final choice is open to the public – you can cast yours here. The deadline for voting is November 7th.