The localization of icebreaker construction was discussed by the trade representative of the Russian Federation in Finland with Aker Arctic

The prospect of localizing the equipment necessary for shipbuilding of icebreakers was discussed by the Russian trade representative in Finland Anton Loginov with the general director of the Aker Arctic engineering company Reko-Antti Suoyanen, the trade representative told in press realize.
Aker Arctic is the largest icebreaker designer in the world, more than 50% of the entire operating icebreaker fleet in the world is designed by the company’s specialists.
“The meeting touched upon the issue of interaction between the shipbuilding clusters of the two countries in the context of the requirements of Russian legislation on the localization of equipment and components necessary for shipbuilding, ship assemblies, units and systems,” the trade mission said.
Aker Arctic Regional Manager for Russia Alexey Dudal, who was present at the meeting, noted that this process has already started. “The filling of the vessel depends to a greater extent on the customer and the shipyard, we, as an engineering company, try to offer the best options that meet the requirements of the project, which, of course, are ready to include Russian components. Already now, metalworking products and software are regularly ordered in Russia, ”Dudal said, quoted by the trade representatives.
During the negotiations, the main attention was paid to the prospects for cooperation in the context of the new Strategy for the Development of the Arctic Zone of the Russian Federation until 2035 and the development of the infrastructure of the Northern Sea Route. Aker Arctic also plans to participate in the international conference “Development of the icebreaker and service-auxiliary fleet” in the framework of the international exhibition NEVA-2021 in St. Petersburg, scheduled for September, the trade mission added.