The highest paid in Finland is paid to game developers – almost €22 000 per month

The highest wages in Finnish business are paid to employees of Supercell, a mobile game development company, where the average monthly wage is € 21,948 before taxes, Tekniikka & talous (Technology and Economics) reported Monday.

In Finland, a progressive income tax rate and the owner of such a regular monthly income can pay the highest income tax in the country during the year – 40-50%, depending on the personal situation of the taxpayer, the presence of dependents, etc.

The publication has compiled a rating of 100 Finnish companies, having studied their salary fund for 2020 and the number of employees. The largest salary fund was owned by Supercell – 132 million euros, which employed only 480 people.

In the Finnish division of the Chinese Huawei, employees receive an average of 12,160 euros per month, Finnish employees of Pfizer received an average of 8084 euros per month, at Nordea bank 6,855 euros, at Nokia 5699 euros, at Bayer 4666 euros, at Fortum energy company 3700 euros, Valio 3519 euros. Finnish provider of software for telecommunication service providers Tecnotree with a monthly salary of 1,689 euros declined in last place in the ranking, which is explained by the localization of personnel, the bulk of which work in India, the publication specifies.