The Finnish Defense Forces have raised their level of readiness

The Finnish Defense Forces have raised the level of readiness, the military said.

“The readiness level of the armed forces has been raised to BRAVO (B). The readiness level system is designed to protect the activities of Defense Force personnel and those working on Defense Force premises. The goal is to ensure that the Defense Forces are able to carry out their mission under all circumstances,” the statement said.

The readiness level scale consists of four items from A to D, where A is the lowest and D is the highest, the readiness level is now B.

The scale was introduced in Finland in 2017 and is also comparable to a similar NATO scale known as alert states.

As Ilkka Kanerva, chairman of the defense committee of the Finnish parliament, explained to the Finnish media, the reason for increasing the level of readiness is the tense situation in Ukraine. According to Finnish Defense Minister Antti Kaikkonen, an escalation of the situation in Ukraine could have consequences for the Baltic Sea and Finland, the Helsingin Sanomat newspaper reported.