Tajikistan discusses supply of oil refinery raw materials with Iran

The launch of a large oil refinery built in the «Dangara» Free Economic Zone (FEZ) has been postponed due to lack of raw materials under acceptable conditions.

Noting that the enterprise is completely ready for work and all the necessary infrastructure already exists, – the deputy head of this FEZ Safarali Taifurov said that the main problem is to provide this enterprise with crude oil. Taifurov stressed that at the moment negotiations are underway on the supply of raw materials with companies from Iran, Kazakhstan and Russia.

He added that the launch of the refinery depended on finding oil under acceptable conditions, which can ensure the efficient operation of the enterprise. Construction of the refinery with a design capacity of 1.2 million tons of oil per year, began in 2014. The enterprise was erected by the established Tajik-Chinese joint venture TK-oil, established by the Chinese company Dong Ying heli Investment and Development and the Tajik company “Hasan and Co”.