Swedish company has removed Sami dress after criticism

Partykungen, a Swedish company that supplies fancy dress outfits, has removed a costume resembling traditional Sami dress from its website after complaints.
The company received backlash over the costume after images of the costume and accompanying text on Partykungen’s website were spread on social media on Friday, Sameradion & SVT Sápmi reports.

“If you want to represent the native people of Sweden, Norway and Finland, you can dress as a Sami at you next fancy dress party,” the product text read.
Partykungen was subsequently criticised for cultural appropriation, in particular in response to a section in the ad that read “experience what it’s like to be a Sami”, according to the Sameradion report.

“We regret that these costumes were published on our site and would like to apologise to those who consider this offensive. We completely understand the reactions to this and have therefore chosen to remove these (products) from our range,” Partykungen director Joel Svesson told Sameradion via text message.