Russians more often than others called Helsinki airport by its names

Residents of Russia more often than other foreigners called the airport of the Finnish capital with their names, a representative of Finavia, which manages the air gate, Pinja Kallis told us.

In early December, marking the completion of a major reconstruction program of the airport, worth 1 billion euros, a special action of “devotion to passengers” was launched during which anyone could name the airport of Helsinki in his honor. It was enough to enter the desired name on a special website and after a while the name appeared on the scoreboard in the name of the airport.

“The final results of our campaign are in. A total of 17 thousand names were given to Helsinki Airport from December 1 to January 31. The largest number of participants are from Finland, Russia and Estonia”, – said the interlocutor.

The most popular names were: Anna, Julia, Nina, Sanna, Hannah, Pekka, Laura, Elina, Mikko and Sari.

Earlier it was reported that on December 1, opened a renovated second terminal of Helsinki Airport. The opening of the renovated terminal will be held in three stages.

The new entrance and arrival hall opened on December 1, the new check-in points and a new security control area will be opened in March 2022, and in the summer of 2023 work in the border control area will be completed.

As a result of the reconstruction, the terminal area has increased by 45% (103,000 m2).

The goal of the investment program is to strengthen Helsinki Airport’s position as a hub for air traffic between Europe and Asia.