Letter from Russia’s Lifestyle Media Employees Against the War

An open letter from representatives of the Russian fashion and beauty industry, as well as lifestyle media against the war with Ukraine

On February 24, 2022, the Russian Federation, as part of a special operation, sent troops into the territory of the independent republics of the LPR and the DPR.  For four days we have been observing the consequences of this decision.

In addition to the Russian-language petition on Change.org , a huge number of Russian citizens are against the Russian invasion of Ukraine.  Many express this position through open letters, appeals, and simply posts on social networks.  Independent media published statements against the war, and several printed publications came out with special covers. The list of people and organizations opposed to the war is growing every day. Yesterday, The Blueprint, an independent medium on fashion, beauty and contemporary culture, published an open letter from representatives of the Russian fashion and beauty industry, as well as lifestyle media.  Over 4,300 people have already signed the letter in a day, including many industry and gloss leaders, photographers, stylists and chief editors of publications. Joining the long list of Russian socio-political journalists who spoke out against the war were their counterparts from the lifestyle media.

Among the signatories of the letter against the war:

Alexander Perepelkin, editorial director of The Blueprint and his colleagues in the publication;

Alyona Doletskaya, consultant, former editor-in-chief of Vogue;

Ekaterina Darma, editor-in-chief of BURO 24/7;

Katya Fedorova, author of the Telegram channel @goodmorningkarl;

Anna Lebsak-Kleymans, Founder and CEO of Fashion Consulting Group;

Lidia Aleksandrova, fashion director;

Andrey Yakobi, fashion producer;

Marat Kadzhakov, buyer;

Alexandra Kiseleva and Elizaveta Gorbunova, fashion editors at Harper’s Bazaar;

Renata Kharkova and Alexander Rymkevich, journalists;

Alexandra Krymova, co-founder of Dear Progress showroom;

Sasha Panika, model;

Yulia Shavyrina, CEO of the Avant modeling agency;

Elena Okutina, PR director of Mercury;

Dmitry Loginov and Sergey Teplov, fashion designers;

Nino Ignatieva, founder of USHATAVA;

Alexander Rogov, stylist;

Ilya Nafeev, owner of the GJO.E brand;

Oleg Voronin, owner of the I AM STUDIO brand;

Irina Ryabko, Member of the Board of Directors of Stockmann;

Dmitry Pavlov, director of Uniqlo Moscow;

In addition to Muscovites, the letter was signed by fashion leaders from St. Petersburg, Kazan, Yekaterinburg, Kyiv, Tbilisi, Copenhagen, Barcelona and dozens of other cities.

Here is the text of the appeal in full:

“We, designers, stylists, constructors, buyers, journalists, PR and marketing specialists — representatives of the beauty and fashion industry, as well as lifestyle media — have initiated and are signing this open letter to draw attention to Russia’s military actions unfolding in recent  days on the territory of Ukraine.

Our industries have always stood on international connections, co-creation that knows no boundaries, beauty and mutual respect.  In a matter of days, this whole world collapsed, and our friends, colleagues and partners found themselves without homes, jobs, and today they are forced to hide in bomb shelters.

There is no family in Russia that did not suffer from the terrible war of the 20th century.  We were all brought up on the stories of our grandparents about the horrors of that war, and to this day we all meet with tears in our eyes.  The memory is too fresh for us to let history repeat itself now.

We call on everyone on whom this nightmare depends to immediately stop the military conflict and return to a peaceful settlement of the issue.


To sign the letter, enter your first name, last name, occupation and city of residence here .  

Source: https://ebco-beoc.org