Rinne and Medvedev meet in Moscow

Prime Minister Antti Rinne met Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev today in Moscow for the first time during his term as Prime Minister. The Prime Ministers discussed international relations. Prime Minister Rinne stated that relations between countries are as effective as they can be under the prevailing conditions.

On the conflict in Ukraine, Prime Minister Rinne stressed that Russia had a key role to play in resolving it.

“Russia plays a crucial role in resolving the conflict in Ukraine. Relations between the EU and Russia can only be normalized if the Minsk agreements are fully implemented. We do not accept the occupation of Crimea. Finland stands completely behind EU policy and we have been the ones to decide for ourselves, ”emphasizes Prime Minister Rinne.

Rinne and Medvedev also discussed bilateral relations between Finland and Russia and environmental issues.

“We can do a great deal together on environmental issues. We discussed concrete measures in relation to the Paris Climate Convention, and I also talked about the Baltic Sea Summit I am planning, ”says Prime Minister Rinne.

In the context of the economic relations between Finland and Russia, the development of the business environment in Russia was discussed.

“Russia is an important market for many Finnish companies. We have a lot of expertise in handling industrial waste and waste water, for example, ”says Prime Minister Rinne.

Prime Minister Medvedev also raised the law, which will come into force in Finland early next year, which will restrict foreign real estate transactions.

“I emphasized to Prime Minister Medvedev that the law applies to all persons and companies from outside the EU and EEA, and that it has not been targeted solely at Russia,” Prime Minister Rinne said.

The Prime Minister was also accompanied by the Minister of Transport and Communications Sanna Marin and the Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Jari Leppä.