Record number of dogs was taken by residents in Finland for a pandemic

A record number of dogs appeared in Finland in 2020 – 48,985, according to the country’s statistics office.
“As expected, the number of registered dogs increased last year. More than 8% more dogs were registered than in 2019. The most popular dog breeds have remained largely the same as before, ”the message says.
The most popular breed of dog for more than 10 years in Finland is the Labrador Retriever, of which there are 2,471. The second most popular breed is the Yamthund (Swedish Laika) – 1,411 individuals, which is slightly behind the German Shepherd, experts say.
“The dog boom clearly intensified in Finland during the coronavirus period, when people were spending more time in their homes. The reduction in social contacts has forced many to look for a companion, ”commented the data in the Kennel Club of Finland.
In total, there are 298 dog breeds in Finland, and their number is about 700 thousand.
The most common dog name is Luna, and Alma, Helmi, Sulo and Hertta are also popular, the report said.