President Niinistö Publishes the First picture of His Son Aaro

Finnish President Sauli Niinistö, who turned 70 on Friday, responded to numerous congratulations with two photos with his six-month-old son Aaro and his dog, the boston terrier Lennu.
Images are published in the personal account of Niinistö in Twitter.
Photos of the third son, who was born on February 2, were published for the first time.
In two photographs of the smiling Ninistö, sitting in a white chair with Aaro and Lennu on his knees. At the same time, there are words of gratitude for congratulations on the photos.
Niinistö married with the Finnish poetess Jenny Haukio(41), on February 2 was born first child.
Niinistö has two children from his first marriage. The first wife of the politician died in a car accident in 1995.
Six-year-old Boston Terrier Lennu often appears at the events in an embrace with his master, and after participating in the presidential reception on the occasion of the Independence Day of Finland in 2016, became known outside the country as the nickname of a “smiling” dog.