One of the two power lines from Finland to Estonia was disconnected due to failure – operator

One of the two main transmission lines between Finland and Estonia went offline on Monday evening, according to Fingrid, the Finnish electricity grid operator.
“The main transmission line EstLink 2 between Finland and Estonia is out of service. The EstLink 2 transit between Finland and Estonia was disabled at 20.32 on 13 June due to a malfunction on the Estonian side. The cause of the failure is being investigated, ”the Finnish company reports.
Prior to the failure, the transmission line was operating at full transmission capacity of 658 MW from Finland to Estonia, the operator specifies.
Two sets of high voltage direct current submarine power cables have been laid between Finland and Estonia. Estlink 1 entered service in 2007, Estlink 2 in 2014. The main purpose of the Estlink connection is to provide electricity in both regions for the integration of the Baltic and Scandinavian energy markets.