Number of Finnish-Russian border crossings almost doubled in July – border guards

The Finnish-Russian land border in July, when pandemic restrictions were lifted, was crossed by 236,320 people, which is almost twice as many as in June, the Finnish Border Guard said.
“From January to July, 859,170 people crossed the Finnish-Russian border. Most of the crossings were registered in July – 236320,” the Finnish border guards said.
In June, the number of transitions was 125,420.
The most popular checkpoint is the Vaalimaa checkpoint closest to St. Petersburg, which was chosen by 108,657 people to cross in July, 61,407 people passed through Nuijamaa.
The number of crossings has increased along the entire border. So in Imatra in June 870 crossings were recorded, and in July 25252. In Kuusamo, in northern Finland, 217 (144 in June), in Niirala 17375 (16973 in June).
Since the removal of pandemic restrictions, on July 15, Finland has been actively discussing the appropriateness of the presence of Russian tourists in the country against the background of the Russian military special operation in Ukraine.