Norway opens up to Swedish tourists… so long as they’re from Gotland

Norway will allow travel to and from all regions of Finland, Sweden and Iceland that have an ‘acceptable’ infection level – a criterion that rules out every region in Sweden apart from the island of Gotland.

At a press conference on Friday afternoon, Bjørn Guldvog, the head of Norway’s directorate of health, said that the guidelines drawn up meant that the whole of mainland Sweden would remain off limits until infection rates declined. “In Sweden, the epidemic situation is unfortunately such that we can only now open up for leisure travel to and from Gotland,” he said, according to a report by state broadcaster NRK.  All regions of Denmark, Iceland, and Finland currently meet the criteria.  Prime Minister Erna Solberg conceded that the results of the new assessments would be unwelcome to those wishing to travel to and from Sweden. “I realise this is a big disappointment for some people. But the restrictions are based on objective criteria that are the same for everyone,” she said at the press conference.