In Finland, began to sell home tests for HIV

Home tests-analyzers for HIV appeared in pharmacies in Finland, the Health and Welfare Department of the country (THL) reports on Monday.
At present, HIV testing is still widely available, but efforts have been made to make the test as accessible as possible. The test can be done anonymously, free of charge, without doctor’s assessment and, if necessary, with interpretation on website. Home testing of HIV is one of the new methods along with the already familiar, says Henrikki Brummer-Korvenkontio, head of research at THL.
THL adds that the World Health Organization (WHO) recommended adding home tests as an alternative to other HIV tests, and in many European countries, testing at home is already possible. Early detection of infections improves the prognosis of treatment. In addition, it saves health care costs, reducing the need for expensive special medical care.
Many fears and prejudices in people act as an obstacle to finding a test. A home test is aimed at reaching out to people who have been excluded from existing testing capabilities, notes Brammer-Corvenkontio.
Annually in Finland about 160 new cases of HIV infection are registered annually. Every tenth infected, estimated at about 400 people, is unaware of their own infection. In Finland, infections are often detected with delay. Approximately half of the infections are detected only after several years of infection in the late stage of AIDS.
The cost of the test in the pharmacy is 39.9 euros.