Finnish Railways do not find it necessary to use cars from Russia

Finnish railway company VR have fears about the idea from Finnish Transport authorities about use Russian railway wagons inside the country, urging the authorities to develop their own production of the necessary wagons, the company said in a press release.
Due to the increase in the volume of rail transport in Finland, there was a shortage of wagons. The Finnish Forest Industry Association estimated the total deficit of wagons for transporting timber to 1,000 units.
As previously reported by the russian business newspaper Kommersant, on June 5, the state secretary of the Ministry of Transport and Communications of Finland, Harri Pursiainen, sent a letter to the Deputy Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation, Sergei Aristov, with a proposal to involve Russian timber carriers in Finland, who come to the country with cargo. Daily in Finland there are about 2 thousand timber trucks from the Russian Federation.
“The VR Group recognizes the need for freight cars. As a result of close cooperation with customers this year, a total of 300 new wagons were purchased in response to a significant increase in bulk cargo volumes in Finland …. there is a risk that the use of Russian wagons in practice will put an end to the production of Finnish wagons, ” is written in the press release of the company.
VR also points out different technical parameters and standards of wagons, the need to change Finnish legislation and the lack of the ability to use Finnish wagons on railways within Russia.
The Finnish railways urge to carefully evaluate the impact of the initiative, before it is implemented, it is specified in the message.
VR is a state-owned railway company in Finland. The most important function of VR is the operation of passenger rail transport in Finland with 250 intercity and 800 suburban railway services every day. The company employs 7,5 thousand employees.