Finnish President emphasises migration in New Year’s speech

Sauli Niinistö said migration is the most divisive force in Europe at the moment, and Finland has to find a better way to manage all types of migration.

”We must not forget that we also need migration. Qualified experts and those learning to become ones, to participate in the maintenance of our society,” he explained.

With nationalistic, anti-immigrant forces sweeping through Finland, the president reiterated Finland’s commitment to international agreements governing asylum seekers.

”An asylum application cannot be left unexamined without breaching international law. International agreements were created to protect those in real need of protection,” Niinistö emphasised.

Niinistö also made references to the recent Oulu underage sex abuse case involving asylum seekers that shocked Finland.

”We have also seen how some people who have sought refuge in Finland, even some who have received it, have created insecurity here with inhumane acts. This is an intolerable situation.”