Finnish Orion Pharma launched online sales of animal medicines in the Russian Federation

Finnish pharmaceutical concern Orion has launched an online store for animal health products with delivery in Russia, said Ana-Karin Vinberg, sales manager for Animal Health at Orion Pharma.

Orion Corporation is a Finnish company for the development, production and marketing of medicines and diagnostic tests for humans and animals.

“Our FinVet online store has opened, it can be found at We have already received the first orders, and we began to observe with interest how trade will dynamically develop,” Vinberg said.

Among the presented goods: vitamins, cosmetics and food additives for dogs and cats, necessary for problems with joints, digestive tract, urinary tract, behavior, hair, skin, claws and in many other cases. Each product has detailed instructions for use in Russian. Delivery is carried out from a warehouse in Turku by Finnish state-owned company Posti, and it is expected that the customer will receive the goods from three to six days. In Russia, the order will be delivered by courier to the specified customer address.

This is the first such experience of Orion Pharma in Russia.