Finnish Genano delivers decontamination units to China

Finnish indoor air quality specialist Genano has supplied Chinese hospitals with air decontamination units to help to contain the coronavirus epidemic.

The Chinese authorities combating the outbreak have built hospitals in the crisis areas and upgraded their medical infrastructure, reaching out to suppliers around the world.

“We received an urgent request from government-owned hospitals in China,” said Aleksi Ahti, COO of Genano. “The situation required [a] fast reaction in our end; the first products were ready for delivery to China already the next day.”

The company has delivered 200 air decontamination units to China so far, whereas typically it supplies 50–100 units over the course of a normal business year. The fast response time has come from experience in similar situations, including the 2002 SARS epidemic and the MERS outbreak in 2014.

“When the MERS epidemic struck Saudi Arabia, hospitals were not ready for the large influx of patients,” explained Genano CEO Niklas Skogster. “We delivered air decontamination units for hospitals in need of isolation rooms for infected patients. With the help of Genano air decontamination units, Saudi Arabian hospitals and other healthcare facilities were able to treat patients safely and without the risk of contamination.”

Genano’s air decontamination unit eliminates all airborne microbes with its patented cold-plasma technology. The filterless units are a cost-effective solution to quickly set up an isolation room.

The unit is almost the size of a normal refrigerator, weighs close to 100 kilograms and costs anywhere from 5 000 to 10 000 euros.