Finnish doctors propose to allow entry into the country vaccinated Sputnik V without tests

The National Institute for Health and Social Development (THL) of Finland proposes to allow entry into the country vaccinated with the Sputnik V vaccine without tests, a corresponding statement was submitted to the country’s Ministry of Health, according to the public broadcaster YLE.
At the same time, on September 21, the government submitted to the country’s parliament proposals to continue testing for coronavirus at the country’s border for all those who are not vaccinated, or who have received a vaccine not approved by WHO or the European Medicines Agency until the end of the year.
“If the Sputnik vaccination series is not approved, it will cause significant pressure at the points of entry on the eastern (Russian) border. In addition, people vaccinated by Sputnik V who travel a lot find themselves in an awkward position, ”the statement said.
Experts noted that the Russian vaccine is as effective and safe as two other similar products approved by the European Medicines Agency (AstraZeneca and Jansen vaccines).
THL does not consider people vaccinated with Sputnik V to exacerbate the epidemic situation in Finland.
According to the TV company, the document was signed by the head of THL Markku Tervahauta and the head of one of the departments Otto Helve. The statement also mentions that by opening the border with Russia and maintaining the current testing requirements, the health care system in Finland could become overwhelmed.
At the moment, Finland is open to everyone vaccinated with WHO or EMA vaccines, for all other categories a PCR test is required, or a certificate of transferred coronavirus.